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PLATform and SemiDomesticated for DMY

Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity.
— Democritus
For the Long Night of Design Studios, as part of this year’s DMY International Design Festival, PLATform and SemiDomesticated come together to showcase contemporary design in a time of crisis.
PLATform is an initiative created to expose and sell contemporary design pieces to a local and international audience, showing different approaches of design in today’s context.
SemiDomesticated is an international platform aiming to show, sell and further the work by fashion and product designers who practice within the realms of sustainable design by focusing on upcycling, vintage and/or the re-appropriation of everyday commodity items.
How does financial and political crisis affect or influence design?
At times of financial and political crisis, young and independent designers make use of their creativity to conceive alternative ways of working, living and consuming. By developing new social networks and ways of collaborating, by re-using and transforming everyday objects into valuable design pieces and by constructing original practices, they propose new ways of appreciating and interacting with objects.
Keywords: Creativity, Collaboration, Re-use, Smarter Consumers, Back to our roots, Return to a simpler life, Low cost, Do-it-yourself mentality, Raw materials.
Possible workshop:Re-using discarded objects and transforming them into a design piece. (TBA)


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