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High Risk LowTech: The night of the exhibtion and the subsequent 3 days


On June 7th at 19h a design-oriented exhibition held place at the WYE on Skalitzer Strasse 86 entitled High Risk/Low Tech organised by PLATform and SEMIDOMESTICATED. The premise was that the pieces shown, would reflect the notion that in a time of crisis, whether financial, political, or both, the young designers are conscious of the changes needed to subsist and are aware that their consumption, in a broad sense, needs to be lowered. Whether it is by using materials which were recycled, low cost, simple production methods, or minimal assembly, they were able to produce functional objects that are ecological, sustainable, simple, massive, basically RAW.


The pieces were quite varied in aesthetic and created a dialogue onto which as a viewer you could position yourself with and enjoy the message, from the individual designer as well as the outcome.


The exhibition was in an open industrial space, the pieces were divided and arranged by designer, though no names were directly attached to the objects, and they were low to the floor, so one would always have a general view of the whole but swoop down to take a more careful look.


The designers shown were: Agnieszka Lasota, PastPerfekt, Dominik Hehl, Jesper Jensen, Matthew Appleby, El Reinventor, Little Pop Machine, Eduardo Borèm, Joao Gonçalves, Michel David, Komat, Jaan Erdglynski, Antje Kratzing, Michael Wolke, Naty Moskovich, Talia Mukmel, Onkto Katuh


The remaining days the exhibition was opened to the public, and people for three remaining days closing Sunday the 10th at 18h. So today after an eventful and well received exhibition, we, the curators, wish to thank all of the designer, their generosity and willingness to participate and also to the people that came.

Continue checking both on the SEMIDOMESTICATED webpage, with links to their Facebook, mood board, and online shop and here at the PLATform blog for further information on new exhibitions.

Sincerely Iohanna, Anette, Raquel and Alexandra.


Photography: Joana Dias


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