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Open Call for Designers

Open call for Artists, Designers, Musicians and Creatives


Musicmakers is an event happening on the 14th of September in Prince Charles, Berlin. The one night event and exhibition will feature various types or works related to music, from formal musical performances, to unmediated improvisation sessions, to projected visuals. (that is the meaning?) The exhibition will group together a wide mix of melomaniacs both creatives and creators. There will be musical performances like Jimmy Edgarin in collaboration with Anette K Hansen, Takeshi Nishimoto, Phoebe Kiddo, Dj’s and visual projections.


The exhibition will comprise of music installations, noise-makers, industrial designs and objects that affect, create, were influenced by or modulate sound, (instrument, books, alternative cd packaging, and anything in between that we cannot think of!)


So if you are a creative, an artist, a designer with a work that has been inspired by music, please send us a few lines on your idea and visual material.


Deadline for apply: 15nd of August

Deadline for proposals: 22nd of August


Musicmakers event:

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