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MusicMakers: A design party for the future of music


14 September, 18h – 21h / Party 21h-06h

Prince Charles
Prinzenstrasse 85F (Moritzplatz U8), 10969 Berlin

In the age of anonymous laptop DJs and machine-selected automatic streams, what would it take to make music tangible again? A collective community of Berlin musical DIYers answers with the inaugural installment of the MusicMakers design party. Live experimental dance music and all-hardware dance sets join an extensive collection of music objects.

Visitors will get personal and hands-on with new, original instruments and interactive installations, from a handmade bass kalimba (called a marímbula) to a futuristic gestural AirPiano. They’ll be bathed in video projections, and hold music in their arms with an RFID-driven interactive work.


Premiere of Fredrik Olofsson’s Reflect, interactive installation
Omer Yosha’s Airpiano, with visualization by Florian Schulz
Pastperfekt Instrument
Yannick Sebag Projection
Kasper Vang Interactive Audiovisual

In collaboration with and SemiDomesticated

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