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Alex Sebag / 0152 3854 1677 /
Iohanna Nicenboim /  0176 6138 4978 /
Raquel Chaves / 0178 1957 903 /

Mainzer Strasse 58, Neukölln


PLATform is an international initiative based in Berlin to provide breeding ground for designers and artists by providing ways to expose their work and let people interact with it. By hosting and curating temporary exhibitions showing different approaches to design in today’s context, each exhibition emerges from a unique concept, taking inspiration from research and reflecting on different manifestations happening in our society.

Selected Exhibitions

REFOUND,  2012, Agora Collective, Berlin

High Risk / Low Tech, 2012, The Wye, Berlin, in collaboration with SemiDomesticated

MUSICMAKERS, 2012, Prince Charles , Berlin, in collaboration and SemiDomesticated




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